Training Plans


“Ryan has been coaching me since I attended a ZAP camp in the summer 
of 2011. He is thorough, communicative, and responsive — always taking the time to talk me through workouts and race strategies. Although I previously had some successes coming up with my own training plans, it took me a lot of time and I was never sure that I was doing the right thing on the right day — especially if “life” required me to alter whatever schedule I was trying to use. Ryan takes all of that guesswork out of it and adapts my training to whatever obstacles my non-running commitments present. As a result, I’m enjoying running more than ever and running faster than ever, setting new PRs in every distance from 8k to the marathon.”     
– Tim Meigs

Personal Coaching

ZAP Fitness Coaching is for runners of all levels from beginners to experienced age group competitors. It does not matter how long you have been running, everyone needs guidance in their daily running to maximize their potential, stay injury free and most importantly, to keep it fun and enjoyable.

Coach Matt will provide you with an individualized, daily training program geared toward meeting your goals for any distance. For a fee of $135 a month Coach Matt will be available for unlimited email and phone contact and training consultations. He will use an initial consultation to learn about your training and racing background as well as your goals in order to develop a training program appropriate for you. You will then start to receive your personalized daily plan and provide feedback on your training. The feedback you provide is vital to the development process and allows Coach Matt to tailor each week of training based on what he sees in the previous weeks.
With unlimited access to Coach Matt, you are able to consult with him about racing strategy, working your training around last minute changes in your schedule, and any other individual questions you have along the way. The ZAP Fitness Coaching philosophy focuses on aerobic development and keeping runners healthy so they are able to train consistently. The optimal way to meet these philosophical tenants and reach your personal goals is different for everyone.
If you have any questions please contact us or feel free to call ZAP at 828-295-6198 for more information.
Pricing: $135/month
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Personalized Training Plans

 ZAP Fitness Coaching also offers personalized 12-week, 16-week, and 20-week training plans. These are not the generic 12-week training programs you find in magazines or online. The training plans are a daily schedule developed after a personal consultation with a ZAP Coach. These schedules do not include continuous interaction with Coach Matt, but they are tailored specifically for you, your background, and your racing goals.

We will use a training consultation to learn about your background as well as your goals in order to develop a personalized 12-week, 16-week, or 20-week daily training plan. The training plan will include a daily training schedule for you to follow and detailed explanations of all the workouts. The length of the program depends on your preference and you should take into account your fitness ahead of time. If you need some guidance getting started and are completely out of shape, you may want to consider the 20-week plan. However, if you have been running regularly and have a goal race within the next 3 months, the 12-week plan might be the most appropriate.
If you have any questions please contact us or feel free to call ZAP at 828-295-6198 for more information.
Pricing: 12-Week Program – $120
               16-Week Program – $150
               20-Week Program – $175
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