Mental Training

Chunking Your Race

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

A friend of mine recently moved across town, and as she was talking about packing everything up I had a vicarious feeling of dread. The weight of packing up a house full of possessions elicited a physical response of stress in my body as I thought about all the meticulous steps in the process. It’s been two years since we moved and we are just now tackling the final room where we still have boxes of who knows what stacked up in a corner. Part of the reason it’s taken us so long to tackle that project is it’s so overwhelming that it’s hard to know where to start. This paralysis is common and can affect your ability to organize your desk or tackle that backyard project, but the same anxiety can also have a negative impact on your race strategy… click for full article


How to Reset After a Bad Race

By Pete Rea

Virtually all athletes have been there: Despite all attempts to right the ship, your subpar race performances or string of injuries has continued. It’s been quite some time since you’ve even had a positive race performance, and thoughts of hanging up your running shoes for good have even crossed your mind… click for full article on Active.com


The Mind is the Athlete

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

All those who attend a ZAP Fitness Adult Running Camp leave with a t-shirt donning the phrase “The Mind is the Athlete” on the back. The phrase comes courtesy of ZAP co-founder Andy Palmer and stems from his background as a sport psychologist. All runners seem to acknowledge the importance of mental side of running, but most dismiss that truth when it applies to them. It’s as if the theory of mental training is important, but the practical application is always for someone else to work on… click for full article


Can You Train Yourself to Be Mentally Tougher?

By Pete Rea, ZAP Fitness

The late Yogi Berra once said, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” Like most Yogisms, if you will, his wit and humor was blended with a bit of examinable truth. Berra fell into the category of both athlete and coach who understood the power of the mind both in the realms of training and competing… click for full article on Active.com


Mental Approach to the Marathon

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

The anxiety of an approaching race can affect your performance and be difficult to manage, especially when it comes to the marathon. The marathon is a one shot deal that you’ve (hopefully) put months into preparing for. If it doesn’t go well you will likely have to wait a while before attempting another… click for full article


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