Applying Athletes

Athletes that have met a standard and are interested in becoming an On ZAP Endurance Athlete should contact either Ryan Warrenburg or Coach Pete Rea

Performance Standards

Distance Men Elite Men Regional Women Elite Women Regional
1500m 3:42 3:45 4:22 4:30
3000m 8:00 8:05 9:22 9:35
5000m 13:50 14:20 16:10 16:40
10000m 29:00 30:00 33:30 34:30
Half Marathon 64:00 66:00 74:00 78:00
Marathon 2:20 2:22 2:39 2:45


Athletes in the On ZAP Endurance program who have met our “Elite” standard receive:

  • Room including all utilities at the ZAP Endurance Running Center
  • All Meals at ZAP Endurance Running Center
  • Coaching
  • Monthly stipend of $500.00
  • Full BCBS PPO Choice Health insurance after 6 months
  • Travel expenses including: airfare, hotel, meet entry, meal per diem and incidental expenses (Parking, gas)
  • Physiological testing and sports psychology consultation
  • On Running Training and Racing Gear
  • Massage therapy
  • 6-8 week Winter training camp in Tallahassee, FL
  • Bonus $$ Program for Time Tiers and USATF Championship Placing (1500m, 3k steeple, 5,000m, 10,000m, Marathon)
  • Road Race Bonuses for Tier I US Road Events and Marathons

Athletes who have met the “Regional” Standard receive:

  • Coaching
  • On Running Training & Racing Gear
  • Use of the ZAP Endurance Running Center
  • All Meals at ZAP Endurance Running Center
  • Physiological Testing and Sport Psychology Counseling
  • Assistance in finding part time jobs
  • Annual travel budget

We will ask you to send us a running resume as well as at least two letters of recommendation and any other relevant information you would like us to have.

Send information to:
On ZAP Endurance
PO Box 192
Blowing Rock, NC 28605