Applying Athletes

Athletes that have met a standard and are interested in becoming a ZAP Fitness Athlete should contact either Ryan Warrenburg or Coach Pete Rea

Performance Standards

Distance Men Elite Men Regional Women Elite Women Regional
1500m 3:42 3:45 4:22 4:30
3000m 8:00 8:05 9:22 9:35
5000m 13:50 14:20 16:10 16:40
10000m 29:00 30:00 33:30 34:30
Half Marathon 64:00 66:00 74:00 78:00
Marathon 2:20 2:22 2:39 2:45


Athletes in the ZAP Fitness program who have met our “Elite” standard receive:

  • Room including all utilities at the ZAP Fitness Running Center
  • All Meals at ZAP Fitness Running Center
  • Coaching
  • Monthly stipend of $500.00
  • Full BCBS PPO Choice Health insurance after 6 months
  • Travel expenses including: airfare, hotel, meet entry, meal per diem and incidental expenses (Parking, gas)
  • Physiological testing and sports psychology consultation
  • Training and Racing Gear
  • Massage therapy
  • 6-8 week Winter training camp in Tallahassee, FL
  • Bonus $$ Program for Time Tiers and USATF Championship Placing (1500m, 3k steeple, 5,000m, 10,000m, Marathon)
  • Road Race Bonuses for Tier I US Road Events and Marathons

Athletes who have met the “Regional” Standard receive:

  • Coaching
  • Training & Racing Gear
  • Use of the ZAP Fitness Running Center
  • All Meals at ZAP Fitness Running Center
  • Physiological Testing and Sport Psychology Counseling
  • Assistance in finding part time jobs
  • Annual travel budget

We will ask you to send us a running resume as well as at least two letters of recommendation and any other relevant information you would like us to have.

Send information to:
ZAP Fitness
PO Box 192
Blowing Rock, NC 28605