ZAP Fitness Foundation (ZAP), founded in 2001, is a non-profit training center for post-collegiate, Olympic hopeful distance runners. Its founders Andy Palmer and his wife Zika developed the program as a way to give back to the sport of distance running, a sport that played a significant role in both their lives.
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Objectives of the ZAP Fitness Foundation:

  • Financially support 8-10 post-collegiate distance runners in their efforts to make World Championship and Olympic Teams
  • Develop the physical talent necessary for success in a competitive environment
  • Teach mental and emotional skills necessary for success in a competitive environment
  • Develop individual professional skills for benefit in post-competitive years
  • Provide role models for America’s youth by promoting an active healthy lifestyle as well as promote achievement
  • Provide an environment for achievement in running for all levels of runners

Our goal is to develop World Class American distance runners by providing them with the support necessary to allow them to train like Olympians.

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ZAP-Reebok’s doors have now been open for 15 years, and in that time ZAP-Reebok’s elite athlete program as well as its educational camps have been overwhelming successes.

ZAP-Reebok’s Resident Elite Athletes have seen success on every level and in every event from the 1,500m to the Marathon. ZAP-Reekok qualified five athletes for the 2004 Olympic Trials in both the marathon and track & field, nine for the 2008 Olympic Trials including founder Zika who has taken herself from a 18:00 college 5k runner to 2nd place at the 2005 US Marathon Championships in a time of 2:41, nine for the 2012 Olympic Trials, and five for the 2016  Olympic Trials. Four ZAP-Reebok men and one woman have qualified for the World Cross Country Team in the last 9 years, another made the World ½ Marathon Team, four ZAP-Reebok women have run on the US Ekiden Relay Teams in Japan and Korea, and in 2011 Alissa McKaig qualified for the Marathon World Championship Team in Korea. ZAP-Reebok won the US Club Cross Country Team Title in 2006, 2007, and 2009 and two ZAP-Reebok athletes made the final of the 5,000m event at the 2008 Olympic Trials. At the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials ZAP-Reebok had its best Olympic Trials placing with Tyler Pennel finishing 5th.

ZAP-Reebok Camps have been equally as successful. 2017 marks the 16th year of ZAP-Reebok adult running camps and in that time ZAP-Reebok has hosted more than 700 campers from virtually every state in the US and many international countries. From fitness beginners to seasoned marathoners, ZAP-Reebok continues to focus on educating each and every runner about how to maximize their potential.

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Athletes in the ZAP-Reebok program who have met our “Elite” standard receive:

Room and board at the ZAP-Reebok Fitness Facility
Monthly stipend of $600.00
Health insurance after 6 months
Travel expenses including: airfare, hotel, meet entry, and incidental expenses
Physiological testing and sports psychology consultation
Training and racing gear from Reebok
Massage therapy
Financial bonuses based on time tier and Championships placing
6-8 week Winter training camp

Athletes who have met the “Regional” Standard receive:
Gear from Reebok
Use of the ZAP Facility
Physiological Testing and Sport Psychology Consultation
Assistance in finding part time jobs
Small annual travel budget

ZAP Fitness Foundation Executive Board:

President: Zika Palmer
Vice President: Jane Palmer
Secretary: Wayne Middlesteadt
Treasurer: Marty Wilson
Advisor: Ray Russell

ZAP Fitness Advisory Board:

Perry Julian
Candace Karu
Don Kardong
Dick MacDonald
Greg Meyer
Peter Millard
Cathy O’Brien
Bill Rodgers
Joan Samuelson
Andrea Capua