The ZAP Fitness Foundation was established to provide post-collegiate distance runners with an ideal environment in which to train for Olympic Teams. Through donations, corporate sponsorship and proceeds from camps and retreats, ZAP provides room, board, health insurance, and travel expenses to a number of America’s elite distance runners.

ZAP Fitness is asking for your support as we look to expand our program and offer our athletes the support they need as they train for the coming World Championship years and ultimately the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Your donation will ensure that ZAP is still here in 2016.

The program at ZAP Fitness and others around the country are working hard to make a difference in American distance running but can only do so with your support. We are asking you, a member of the American Running Community, to invest in the future of American Distance Running.

Click on the button below to make a donation with your credit card or send a check to:
ZAP Fitness Foundation
PO Box 192
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

ZAP Fitness is a 501c3–all donations are tax deductible.


2015-16 ZAP Fitness Foundation Donors

Bob Braman

Mary Waldron

Tom & Patrice Carroll

Sheri Nemeth

Eric Hein

Jane Palmer & Barry Fussell


Ray Stranghoener

James McAlister

Joe & Debby Thompson

New York Road Runners

Road Runners Club of America

Steve & Lisa Bean

Chris Borch

Houston Marathon Foundation

MVJ Charitable Trust


Allen & Joyce Barasch

Jerry Wosleger

Witold & Vanessa Kosmala

Bill & Marilyn Blizard

Len Goldman

Mary & Joanne Guralnick

Tim Warner

John & Barbara Ekin

Kim & Odis Gatewood

Kelley Housman

Eric Kacker

Don Kardong

Caroline Lloyd

Chris Ratchford

Richard & Regina Saas

Pat & Dick MacDonald

Aroline Seibert Hanson

Cameron & Scott St. Claire

Sally Statom

Casey & Susan Stuart

Eric Hollis

Janet & Truman Anderson

Ellahe Amini

Katherine Barski

Doug & Tutita Casa

Beth Dunbar

Matt Fitzgerald

Jake & Lee Ann Hilbrich

Gwyn Kooy

Earl & Bea Lutz

Wayne Middlesteadt & Susy Slingland

Tom & Vicki Miller

Mary Palmer

Tim Pennington

John Phillips

Scot Stone

Francis Tinney

Kimberly Wells

Blue Ridge Conservancy

James Snyder

Jim & Beth Atkins

Sarah Flanagan

James & Laurie Haughey

Malcolm Lackey

Jennifer & Guy McCarthy

John Rea

Annette Towler

Kirk Walsh

Fred Fedewa

Stephanie Gates

Doug Blackford & Martha Cutler

Regina Schofield

Boston Athletic Association

Peter & Becky Neuberger

Nicole Mann

Randall Faw

Peter Millard

Steve Nightingale & Vaughn Finn

Mike & Mary Jo Saunders

Jack & Judy Wickens

Larry Pennel

Brant & Mary Armentrout

Jara & Ryan Ahrabi

Charysse Alexander

Jerry & Sara Juneau

Julia Kennedy

Dave McKenna

Tim & Julie Meigs

Boone Running Club

Kyle & Debbie King

Susan & Michael Airheart

Andy Carr

Randy Leeder

Renne Bates

Christopher Cadiou

Rick & Allison Grimes

Travis Eliot Landreth Memorial Fund – Ruth Landreth

Rosy Merlino

Rick & April Patterson

Kent & Linda Satterfield

Glenna Stewart

Donations Made in Memory of Cameron Bean:

Steve & Lisa Bean

Jerry & Sara Juneau

Jack & Judy Wickens

Boston Athletic Association

Blue Ridge Conservancy

Kimberly Wells

Jake & Lee Ann Hilbrich

Katherine Barski

Janet & Truman Anderson

Casey & Susan Stuart

Aroline Seibert Hanson

Richard & Regina Saas

Kim & Odis Gatewood